Director and Workshop Manager


I’m Josh and I’ll be building your campervan. I’ve always loved cars and engineering and have spent my entire working career in or under cars. Whilst at the University of Hertfordshire working towards my degree I worked for a bespoke kitchen company learning the skills I now employ into every vehicle that passes through our workshop. After leaving university I landed a job at International Armouring Corp. who modify luxury vehicles to make them bullet proof! I worked on some pretty amazing cars and even converted vans into bullet proof office suites. I haven’t been asked to make a bullet proof Camper yet, but watch this space! After several years at International Armouring Corp. I was offered the opportunity to work for Suffolk Sports Cars based in Pettistree. Here I honed my skills as a fabricator designing and improving many of the components used to build the replica Jaguar ss100 sports car and Jaguar C-type race cars. I served out the last 4 years building cars from the chassis up and even spent time in the trimming room.

All this brings me to Newbourne Campers a career spent making kitchens, cutting holes in cars, fabricating and rebuilding vehicles from the ground up. Sounds like it was meant to be!

When I’m not busy down at the workshop I enjoy mountain biking, fishing and when I can, I love to go to the track with my 90s Japanese drift car. Oh, and a Campervan is definitely on my wish list.

I look forward to meeting you and working on your Camper.




Campervan Collector!


Hi Ben here I am the campervan nut.

I love everything about being a campervan owner and would not be without one!!

I’ve been around Campers and vans for over 30 years. It started when my father bought the very last production Type 25 in the UK from VW when I was 16 years old. I can still remember the reg. H567 FEW (if anyone see’s it I’d love to see some photos please).

He traded that in after a few years and bought a brand new T4 and had it converted into a sleepable day van which he used for his hobby buying selling antiques. He is still the proud owner of this one of a kind, gem of a campervan and I’ve hopefully got first refusal on it.

Then we get to my vans firstly I bought a wreck of a Type 2 in the dark and in the rain (I don’t advise anyone does this) I drove it straight to Cornwall and went to a camper show. I was asked if I wanted to park up for a group shot for the magazine the guys comment was “it’ll be the only time that van get in a mag.”

I kindly declined him but secretly decided that I was going to give that little van a chance. Three and a half years later and lot of hard work and hours of time from myself and friends I was the proud owner of Berol (named after the Berol Green paint job). I did love this van and spent several enjoyable years camping all over the country but as my wife and I were expecting our first child we decided to trade her for a newer model.

That’s how we ended up with our latest van T5 174 factory Kombi which I converted with a California electric roof and a full campervan conversion. We love it! We now have two boys 7 and 4 years old and we spend most of our summer weekends in the sunshine and by the beach.

Maybe we’ll see you there in your Newbourne Camper…

Send me an email and we can chat through your campervan dreams.


Seasoned Expert


I’ll be assisting Josh with the build of your new campervan.

I have always loved motor vehicles of any description, if its got an engine and you can ride it, drive it or even just sit on it and steer it, I NEED to know how it works and how to fix it.

This passion led me to join the RAF in 1976 as a motor transport mechanic. After demob from the RAF, I worked for the Home Office and Met Police looking after all sorts of fleet vehicles.

I then went to work in main dealership garages for many years until I need to take my passion for cars further. I took a job at Suffolk Sports Cars where I met Josh. Suffolk sports cars gave me the opportunity to build classic cars from the chassis up something I had been doing for years from my workshop at home as a hobby.

I kept in touch with Josh when he left to start Newbourne Campers and as the order book filled up, Josh told me he was considering taking on a technician. It didn’t take me long to decide to put myself forward for the position. I had been spending all my spare time in my workshop working on my own coach build motor home from a LDV Pilot and campervans were now very much my passion.

I was very pleased to receive a phone call from Josh offering me the technicians post at Newbourne Campers and I am over the moon to be working on these fantastic campervans, I look forward to working on the next project which could be your dream camper.